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All Bolzano Villetri™ acoustic systems are constructed using "RoundStream®" technology. This technology is based on enhancing counter-aperture principles for loudspeaker construction.

The essence of "RoundStream® Technology" is two identical sound radiators, each in its own case, located opposite each other and working in unison.

In between are two tweeters, symmetrical radiators synchronised to produce the same phase of signal wave.

The loudspeaker sound is a symmetric deformation of air; the horizontal sound extends in the same pattern for both right and left channel output.

In this way, an output of sound corresponds to the natural principles of sound distribution. Thus "RoundStream® Technology" produces a much higher, more efficient sound than tradition loudspeaker systems.

The basic objectives were to reduce the dominant, unnecessary component, of dynamic head radiation at low frequencies, and to transform two identical contra vectors required to produce sound pressure.

RoundStream® technology
  1. Low and mid-frequency radiator (speaker) - top;
  2. Low and mid-frequency radiator (speaker) - bottom;
  3. High-frequency radiator (speakers);
  4. "Surround sound" area of sound pressure formation;
  5. Means of reflected sound distribution.

In the Bolzano Villetri™ acoustic systems, identical sound radiators are placed opposite each other so the sound waves are distributed evenly and without resistance. This technology overcomes Doppler inter-modulation, producing a pure, uniformed sound.

Bolzano Villetri™ have selected this technology for their acoustic systems because:

  • Sound pressure organisation lies directly in the loudspeaker.
  • An absence of fluctuations caused by radiating surfaces – hence eliminating the Doppler Effect (this occurs when a sound source is moving in respect to a receiver).
  • A unity and stability of all signal frequencies and amplitudes due to the compensation for Doppler inter-modulation.
  • Increased field uniformity at distance from source.

As a result transparency, volume, vividness and an increased articulation and naturalness of sound are provided. Another feature of the acoustic systems based on "RoundStream® Technology", marking them from all others, is the lack of importance of the position of the listener to the sound image, due to the uniformity of the sound field.

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