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5 January, 2006
CES 2006: Bolzano Villetri offers Customers an astonishing performance with the Città Ideale series

Bolzano Villetri is proud to present its most renowned series - Città Ideale - a true embodiment of classical luxury and elegance. The series is represented by dignified 2- way floorstanders Laurana and Studiolo and the splendid 2-way center channel Veduta. It was created to perfect and surpass traditional sound reproduction for two-channel and multi-channel sound systems to an irrefutable level.

Città Ideale always influences the listener in the same mysterious manner; the noble silhouette and smooth outlines capture his attention, and the sounds reproduced seem hypnotizing.

The key to the enigmatic performance of the speakers lies in the technological innovations the company adheres to so passionately. The major innovation is the counter-aperture principle of loudspeaker construction, where two identical drivers are placed opposite each other so the sound waves are distributed evenly and without resistance. This technology overcomes Doppler inter-modulation, producing a pure, uniformed sound in comparison to the sound waves created with traditional frontdirectional drivers.

Thus, the newly introduced RoundStream, DoubleSound, and VolumePart Technologies based on the counter-aperture principle of sound wave distribution and patented worldwide afterwards dramatically enhanced vividness, transparency, and articulation. The superior frequency range, power, and optimum volume of the speakers make it possible to use them effectively as a two-channel audio system and within a home theater set.

At the moment, Città Ideale, being an exclusive and elite product, is available upon special orders only. It comes in standard Mahogany Root and Maple finishes.

Bolzano Villetri manufacture speakers for refined music lovers and connoisseurs of exquisite sound, and similarly the ‘counter-aperture’ principle applied to all speakers is sure to meet the highest standards of music enthusiasts. Not many manufacturers will be able to guarantee such a statement.

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