WalnutAcoustic System: Walnut

American, Brazilian, European, Caucasian, and Manchurian walnut. These names are witness to the wide geographical spread of the tree. Such remarkable variety also results in variability of colour and grain of walnut, linked to climate and soil. The wood is pale grey to brown in colour, with a huge variety of shades. The wood grain is very rich, wavy, with strong knot shapes.

In finishing the wood becomes a shade of dark brown with a noble pattern. Walnut is rather hard, quite easily processed, and resistant to deformation, and consequently has been widely utilized in interior finishing and furniture manufacturing for a long time. Furniture made of walnut has been highly appreciated not only for the beauty and durability of the wood, but also for the special healthy microclimate created in premises by walnut objects.

Walnut is hard and graceful, a symbol of peace, warmth and well-being in your house. Walnut is a permanent reflection of a traditional style.