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9 February, 2007
Bolzano Villetri: monthly meeting of the Gotham City Audio Society of New York

Bolzano Villetri was invited to a monthly meeting of the Gotham City Audio Society of New York hosted by Laufer Teknik (BV dealer, US importer of Behold, Ascendo and Halcyonics) in Downtown Brooklyn, NY.

In attendance was Clement Perry of and Jon Faddis as well as Rusty Taub of Audiotion. There were a lot of questions about Bolzano Villetri's RoundStream® technology as well as a lot of critical listening.

This was the first acquaintance with Bolzano Villetri for most of the New York audiophiles. They were receptive and very enthusiastic. We were in for an evening of great entertainment!

Renowned jazz musician, Jon Faddis autographed CD’s and performed for us on his trumpet. It was amazing! He listened to his music on Bolzano Loudspeakers and gave us his response.

We would love to quote him in this newsletter, but he kindly requested to stay way from the endorsing of any audio products. We think we can say that the compliment on the quality of the speaker from a musician of such caliber was as important to us as getting a very favorable review in the press.

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