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13 September, 2005
Hi-Fi&Home Entertainment Show

CARAVELLE Room, Renaissance Hotel, London, Heathrow
Hi-Fi&Home Entertainment Show

One of the world’s largest Hi-Fi exhibitions is taking place in London at the Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow from 23-25 September 2005.

The Hi-Fi&Home Entertainment Show ( is the pinnacle for Hi-Fi admirers who love to own the latest in must have technology. Bolzano Villetri™ has packed their stunning range of loudspeakers full of patented technology that will have your musical listening experience reach an unprecedented level.

Bolzano Villetri™ will be presenting their most innovative line of loudspeaker systems: the Hi-End Città Ideale and Hi-Fi Campanile. Bolzano Villetri™’s experts have produced a balanced distribution of the sound stream so no matter where you position yourself the sound you hear is uniformed and simply breathtaking. Whether you’re watching an action movie or listening to jazz, the undeniable impact of true sound reproduction turns music and film into an emotional experience.

During the exhibition, Bolzano Villetri™ and its European distributor "Yorina Overseas Ltd" will be holding private video-presentations of the loudspeaker systems. The primary goal is to present these loudspeakers and truly emphasize the unique technologies to get leadership status within the market. The designers and technicians have been working hard on the presentation, in order to produce the crispest sound possible. A press-conference and a reception will be held on Friday 23rd September.

This autumn, come to London and be involved in the world of cutting edge technologies, outstanding design and superior quality.

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