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..It is not an easy task - to get the counter-aperture system perfectly set up, but it is worth the time spent to find the optimal speaker locations for the best sound..
..The unique quality of the counter-aperture - is that the sound stage is very precise and remains clear and sharp even when you are moving around the room..

Arseniy Poltavsky, DVD-Expert Editor, Russia
"I'm not going to mince words here. Tonally accurate and visually appealing, the Bolzano Villetri Torre's are simply exquisite!"

Clement Perry, StereoTimes Editor, USA
Harmonious match of genre universality and stunning outlook makes the Bolzano Villetri 3000 set to become the best choice for the particular audiophile.

Ivan Yurov, Editor T3 Russia
Without doubt, the Bolzano Villetri 3000 Campanile Series is a bright new star in the sky of the Hi-Fi/High End market. With it's own remarkable style you will either love it or remain astonished. What remains evident is that no one's opinion would be indifferent after an acquaintance with this cutting-edge product.

Stanislav Ustenko, DVD-Expert Editor-in-Chief, Russia
"Ultimately, I have re-evaluated my priorities for sound reproduction"

Andrew Harrison, HiFi-News, UK
These speakers are made for immersive diffuse sound, better than you'd experience in a well - ordered cinema.

Andrew Harrison, HiFi-News, UK
The speakers definitely stand beyond the conventional limits. The absolute sensation of presence in a hall, ultimately volumized sound are sure to admire snobs and audiophiles who are longing for even a deeper insight into the sound.

Laurent Thorin, Haute Fidelite, France

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